Product Photography | Beer bottle photos with MagMod

I had been itching to do some more practicing with my Magnet Mod equipment (MagMod for short) and one day suddenly got this vision in my head for these beer photos.  I wanted lots of color (hello, HBP brand!!), and I wanted SUPER controlled light.  We had a few colorful adult beverages in our fridge, odds and ends from previous cookouts and summer nights on our back deck.  I chose a few of my favorite labels and paired them up with a coordinating colored gel from the "creative gels" pack from MagMod.  I had a cheap $5 full-length mirror that I laid down our kitchen table and then set up a black plastic file folder bin behind it to serve as my backdrop.  I also experimented at first with a piece of foil, but decided I liked the solid background better overall.  There was a lot of trial and error with this project, but lucky for me, most of my errors were easily remedied.  I also decided I liked the bottles with the droplets better so once I got each setup the way I wanted it, I sprayed down each bottle with a light water mist to give it that fresh-out-of-the-ice look.

See what I did there with the "purple haze"?? :)  Love it!  The Abita Purple Haze beer was actually a slightly different setup as I pinned a piece of black posterboard to the wall and aimed the gelled light up at the posterboard to give me a more "round" sphere of light on the background instead of coming in from the side at an angle.  I'm so thrilled with how these all turned out and can't wait to apply my skills to some product photos for fellow businesses!