Ray+Kristen | Married!

Wedding Ampitheater download fallen divxSiiiiiiiiigh. I love outdoor weddings!! My husband was the best man in his best friend Ray & Kristen's wedding this weekend. I enjoyed myself as a guest and got a few snaps in so I could brush up for my first 2009 wedding on June 13. It's also an outdoor wedding, so I am stoked!! The bride and bridesmaids rode to the ceremony (which was at Centennial Park

in Munster, IN) on a an antique fire engine. How completely awesome, especially since they blared the sirens a couple times on the way in! Fire Engine

tart divx

And you can't have a fire engine without some firemen, right? Firemen The ring bearer is Ray's nephew and was such a hoot, cutie and a ham. And he totally had a crush on our friend Kelly, whose boyfriend Danny (also our friend, ha!) was also in the wedding. Ring Bearer These were Kelly's shoes, but they were wedding-y so I asked to borrow them! Shoes

All these photos were taken with my 50mm f1.4 lens as that was the only one I took. I loved it, so I think someday I may be a primes-only photographer!