Rhea's Dream | Dream Foundation


A couple months ago, the Dream Foundation contacted me again to photograph another one of their dream recipients. Rhea lives in rural Indiana and had a dream of building a "She-Shed" with a beach theme for her to just enjoy and relax in. I had never heard the term She-Shed before, but Rhea told me to check it out on Pinterest to see a bunch of cool examples. At the time of these pictures, she wasn't quite done with the shed, but you can tell that she is pouring her soul into it, and that the finished product is going to be amazing! Besides the shed though, my favorite part of this session was just photographing Rhea and her obvious joy for life. Her smile is contagious, and I love that we got so many candid, interactive moments between her and her granddaughter Lily and best friend Evelyn. Rhea's beach themed she shed dream

She Shed Dream Foundation for terminally ill patients