Same-Day Wedding Photo Slideshows


At most of my weddings, I try to do a same-day slideshow with around 80-100 images from throughout the day leading up to dinner.  I keep it somewhat low-key and prepare it during the first dinner course and set it up in a visible but non-distracting location.  I don’t promise this bonus service to my brides just in case I run out of time or there is no good place to leave it.  With my 8-hour-plus weddings, in most cases there is enough time to do it.  I love the instant gratification of it, and the credibility it gives me to the wedding guests.  They’ve seen me working with the bride and groom most of the day, but allowing them to immediately see some of my favorite photos gives us an instant rapport and helps them to remember me (hopefully for referrals!). 

So, how do I do it?

Throughout the day as I’m shooting, I select photos I’d like for the slideshow using the “lock” button (Nikon).  You can do this with Canon models too, but you have to set it up through the menu and assign one of the keys on the back to work as a “lock.”  I then use PhotoMechanic to import just the locked photos into a folder. (Select “copy locked photos only” from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the import screen.) import locked photos only

pre-select photos in camera for slideshowThen I import that folder into Lightroom, and apply my own global preset upon import.  After that I switch to the “Slideshow” module in LR, make sure that my watermark preset is turned on, set the slideshow to “loop,” and hit play. apply preset upon import

apply watermark before running slideshowI try to set up the laptop in a somewhat discreet but visible spot with access to a power outlet.  I usually will look for a table that is on the way to the restroom so I know it will get some regular traffic.  Throughout the evening, I will usually check on it a few times to be sure the screen hasn’t gone to sleep and to see if a crowd has gathered. :) great reactions from wedding couple