Still looking for models - special pricing available!

I've added one more thing to the list that I'm dying to photograph, but Miss Mommy in the post below has already filled the spot (at least once baby girl comes along in a few weeks!). I'm offering some great sale prices on these sessions, so let me know when you're ready to book! Here are the other sessions I'm looking to fill in the next few months: 1) An outdoor wedding (this means the ceremony is outdoors; reception can be indoors or outdoors) 2) Bridal session or Trash-the-dress session (I promise you do NOT have to get your dress dirty, but you do have to be willing to go outdoors with it on) 3) A class of 2010 senior who wants their senior photos to look different from all their friends' senior photos 4) A woman who has just purchased a hot new outfit (dress preferred!) with some killer heels 5) A newborn (within first two weeks of birth) - this session is FILLED!

Read the original post & stipulations here fistful of dollars a movie .download fair game divx