4-H House

Drinkall Family | Lifestyle legacy session on the farm


I go way back with this family -- to the fall of 1999 to be precise.  It started when I lived with their cousin Carrie at 4-H House and her cousin Adam came to visit just after we moved in.  Adam was a freshman like me and hung out at the house a lot, studying, playing the piano, eating, and hanging out. After college, Adam's little sister Amanda moved into the house, and since I was still living in town, we spent some time together.  I didn't yet know Allyson, but I still remember Amanda calling to tell me when the oldest grandchild Averhy had been born.  Fast forward a couple more years, Allyson and I eventually crossed paths and participated in a photographers networking group together.  Then a couple more years after that, Allyson approached me about opening a studio together.  We shared a studio space and a studio share business together for a combined 6+ years.  Now we attend the same church and are on the creative arts team together, along with Sky.  And we can't forget parents Keith + Anita!  I met them early on too when attending Carrie's wedding to Scott following my freshman year.  I also lived with Carrie's little sister Rachel for a semester!  Keith + Anita visited Champaign often, attending football games and checking in at 4-H House events.  The Illini & 4-H House are definitely important to this family and their extended family as well.  They are often given the task of singing the house songs at reunions and such. I'll do my best to identify everyone in the photos below so you can put names to faces!

Right photo: Anita (left) watches Allyson bouncing baby Finn while Adam's wife Jennifer looks on. (Amanda is hidden behind Jen).

cousins swinging on the tire swing

Averhy swings here and her sister Eden standing the barn doorway:

playing in the the barn with cousins

Left to right below: Anita, baby Finn, Amanda, Allyson; Grandkids left to right: Averhy, June, Eden, Lili

climbing the silo

three generations playing croquet

Grandpa Keith helps June knock out someone else's ball in croquet; Grandma Anita helps June line up her shot:

playing croquet in the front yard playing backgammon and relaxing in the kitchen generations playing piano together

Amanda, Anita, Amanda & Adam play a "four person duet" on the piano:

siblings and mom playing the piano playing ping pong table tennis in the basement

Above right: Sky looks on as Adam and Keith have an intense table tennis game (looks can be deceiving though -- it wasn't that intense!!). ;)