Color Project

Friday Fives | Favorite Color Images

I went back and forth a bit about how to structure this post and then decided Friday Fives is a free-for-all and I should just dive in! You may remember the color project I did a couple of summers ago. I did a model call for couples and got 2 couples that were willing to be dragged all over town to a bunch of spots I had scouted over the previous months. There’s also one in this set of 5 from a friend’s headshot, which was inspired by my Color Project.

My main goal was to have a rainbow grid on my Instagram following the sessions, and I was absolutely thrilled with how it turned out! So today for Friday Fives, I’m showing you my 5 favorite colored wall images!

Keep an eye out soon for a reprisal of the color project! We’re using some new walls for this one — can’t wait!