Crane Alley

Shannon + Brandon | Trevett Finch Park engagement photography

Shannon + Brandon are two of my wedding clients who booked their wedding months and months ago, and since then have become good friends of mine. I enjoy keeping up with their lives on Facebook, and during the session I told them it was about time we finally got them in front of my camera! Their wedding is in December, and they have a bunch of cool things in store for their big day. The weather was perfect for their session at the end of September, but I'm sure it will be a little cooler the day of the wedding. :) They brought along their furry companions, Gretzky & Jackson. After Trevett Finch Park, we headed over to the University of Illinois Ice Arena for a few shots of them spraying the camera with ice. This turned out to be more difficult than I was anticipating! Then we finished up in downtown Urbana near Crane Alley. I love this one! And this was the sneak peek I posted to Facebook a few days ago. A couple of their friends said it reminded them of Twilight. LOL I haven't seen the movies, so I can't vote either way! My middle name is danger. Love and Toms.

Leigh + Adam | Downtown Urbana engagement photography

I think Leigh + Adam set a new record at Holly Birch Photography. Their engagement session was a scant THREE days prior to their wedding. Better late than never, I always say. :) Seriously, though, these two are so great. I haven't known them for very long, but what time I have spent with them I thoroughly enjoyed, including their wedding this past Sunday (which I will post later this week). And now that I know them, I am sad that they are moving away this summer! I wish you guys the very best of luck in your new future together! We started their session at the Urbana Free Library, and then meandered around downtown Urbana for a while. TONS of great light to work with, and I discovered a few new cool spots! This man LOVES this woman. Adorable! Isn't downtown Urbana just so cute? So happy to have a studio here. I wish this one was a tad bit more in focus, but I still love it!