Carlee | Illini Central High School senior

Carlee did two concept shoots with me before her own "official" senior session (plus a family session a couple years ago), so she is no stranger to my camera!  She modeled for me in her prom dress, in my "make small town life beautiful" shoot, and my county fair carnival-themed shoot with her friend Lexi.

This girl LOVES her volleyball, and so we knew we'd be starting in the gym with some off-camera flash, because let's face it -- gym lighting is horrible. I played around a bit with adding some yellow lighting to play off the school's gold and black colors (go Cougars!). Did I mention that Illini Central High School is also my alma mater?  I won't tell you how many years ago I graduated, but it will be a nice round number this coming year. 😳 I also added some flames to a couple of the volleyballs for some fun!

We then headed out to some private property of some mutual friends to use their land for some field photos, some photos down by the creek, and some chickens. haha!!  For the tail end of the session, we headed to Carlee's own front porch to snap a couple photos with her sweet (but hyper!) pup Ivy.

I'm sad that I may be done photographing Carlee for a while, but am looking forward to following along as she gets into the swing of her senior year and starts prepping for college! Best of luck, Carlee!!