Japan House

Bianca + Thomas | Japan House engagement session

Bianca + Thomas told me from the get-go that they are quirky and weird and they definitely wanted to play that up for their engagement photos. I definitely got several photos of them sticking their tongues out at each other and a few with some funny poses, though those didn’t quite make the cut for the blog — LOL. I’m sure there will be some from the wedding though!! I love how after a few minutes of us getting comfortable together during the session, they both relaxed a little and we settled into a good groove! Keep an eye out at the end of October for their Halloween-themed wedding!

Jenny + Josh | Weekday wedding at the Japan House

Jenny + Josh contemplated a courthouse wedding but decided they really wanted their dogs to be involved, so they chose a different route!  They got my friend Austin Beaty to officiate and headed out to the Japan House/Arboretum area in Urbana instead and were able to have a few close friends and family, plus their two pups along with them.  After some quick nuptials, we wandered around the grounds for some group photos and portraits.  It was a very warm, super sunny day, so I had to get one of my signature blue sky images for them!

Stephanie + Mike | University of Illinois Quad + Japan House engagement

This adorable couple met in a class in the Psych building on the University of Illinois campus when Mike put the moves on Stephanie. If I'm remembering correctly, they had only 1 class together, but that was all it took for them to find their forever.  We started their session in the building that started it all, though not the exact classroom due to renovations and changes to the building.  How cute is this idea?! And Mike stepped things up a notch by bringing a textbook as a prop!  Yes!

Then we moved on over to the Quad from there and did some photos with Foellinger, the Union, the Natural History building, and finally the Eternal Flame.  Gotta lock things in for life! ;)  Then after a quick wardrobe change, we were off to the Japan House area with lots of lush greens, rocks, and Asian elements that Stephanie loved due to a recent trip they went on together.

I wish you both the best as you travel to your elopement soon!  Congrats, Stephanie + Mike!