Maximus | Golden State Warriors birthday session

This big guy (my oldest) turned 9 in April. I try to always do an updated photo session with both of my kids near their birthday to document each year. I don't always make it happen, and part of that is due to lack of inspiration. Well, we had lots of inspiration this year, so Hadley got 2 sessions (pink Magnolia tree & yellow lemons shoot), and Maximus gets 2, including this Golden State Warriors one. We’re doing another session for him sometime in the next couple weeks.

Max’s favorite sport is definitely basketball (though he likes baseball too and recently had his first go at pitching!). Like many boys his age, he loves Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors, and so he’s been adding to his royal blue and yellow collection. He got the shoes last winter for basketball season, got the ball for his birthday, and I picked up the shirt at a resale shop last fall. It is hard to find Warriors stuff in the midwest, so I jumped on that one when I found it in his size! We also just ordered his backpack for next fall, which of course is GSW themed.

This little boy is smart, a good friend, a playmate to his sister, and has a gentle heart, that’s sometimes easily broken. He makes us proud when we watch him at school, on the court or field, or with his friends. We hope that he’ll always be kind, and continue to take care of his little sister for life.

Maximus | Accordion wallets

Maximus Accordion WalletsLast week I finally got in a quick photoshoot with Maximus for his 2-month photos. He did a very good job cooperating with Mommy for the session! I was also able to quickly put together this little accordion wallet design and my lab printed and shipped it to me in just 2 days! I got 3 copies--one for Aaron & me, and one for each of our moms. Don't worry, Mom--you'll get yours on Sunday. :) I love this booklet too because it matches his birth announcement design. I think we may carry the theme through until at least his 1st birthday because it's so cute and of course is orange and blue. Maximus Accordion Wallets Maximus Accordion Wallets Maximus Accordion Wallets Maximus Accordion Wallets

Our baby boy | Newborn photography session

Maximus XavierAaron and I are proud to introduce our sweet baby boy, Maximus Xavier! He arrived on April 23 at 12:38pm and weighed 5 lbs. 8 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long. I am on maternity leave through June 1, but will do my best to reply to emails and phone messages as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience!! And please leave me a comment if you'd like... I love comments! Maximus Xavier Maximus Xavier Maximus Xavier Maximus Xavier Maximus Xavier Maximus Xavier Maximus Xavier My little mouth breather. :) Maximus Xavier He was not as excited about this one as I was! Maximus Xavier