Throw a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

Today I am welcoming Aimee from DIYDarlin as a guest blogger with her killer ideas for bachelorette parties on a budget. A bridesmaid’s job can definitely get expensive from buying a dress to buying gifts for the bridal shower(s) and also the wedding. Then to top it off, you are supposed to split the costs of a bachelorette party with the other bridesmaids and maid of honor. As her name says, Aimee is all about DIY shortcuts, and she has some great tips to share!

Bachelorette Ideas for Budget-Challenged Brides and Bridesmaids

Do budget concerns have you anxious about planning a bachelorette party? Well, they really shouldn’t! Seriously, you can plan some epic bachelorette celebrations without having to spend a small fortune. Consider getting the bride tribe excited for one of the totally fun, but not totally expensive, bachelorette ideas below.


1) Host a Mega Fun Bachelorette Movie Night

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money by going out, why not just stay in? You can use a streaming device and choose from over 1,000 channels to find fun movies and TV shows to watch together. This will also save money in the process; you won’t have to worry about paying for extra channels or entertainment you don’t need You can even amp up the fun by taking the party outside. Plan your very own special movies under the stars event, complete with beach chairs and yummy snacks.Think about putting a pink or white spin on things to add a personal bridal touch. Wondering what to stream? Pick one of these pre-wedding faves, depending on the mood you want to set. Whether you watch a hottie-filled flick or a comedy, you’re sure to have a blast together!

2) Take an All-Girls Glamping Adventure

For the outdoorsy bride-to-be, there’s no better way to celebrate the impending nuptials and save tons of money than by getting in touch with nature. Since it’s your bachelorette, though, you still want to keep things extra fun, so consider one of these budget-friendly glamping spots to make sure your big night will be truly memorable. A few destinations on the list—like Carlsbad Caverns, TX, and Lakeside, CA—are right here stateside, but if you want to travel outside the country, you can also save on international travel expenses. Look for flights using apps on your phone, so you can score the best deal on airfare, and also look for free activities (hiking, stargazing, etc.) to help cut costs during your bachelorette trip without cutting out all of the excitement and fun.


3) Plan a Posh Staycation Closer to Home

Even with the most savvy travel tips, an international bachelorette excursion may be out of the question for some bridesmaid’s budgets. No need to worry, though, especially when you can have just as much fun with a bachelorette staycation right in your own city! As part of your hometown fun, you can put together an adult sleepover or a spa night for your best friends, or you can get out on the town and go to your fave restaurant, outdoor spot or local attraction. This type of lowkey celebration is the perfect way for brides-to-be to bond with their closest gal pals without anyone having to stress about overspending on the event. If you want a change of address for the night, you can also look for local vacation rentals, which can be a budget-friendly option for accommodations and also help you cut costs on snacks and meals.

4) Gear Up for an Epic Pre-Wedding Road Trip

Staycations and movie nights can be fun for bridal parties and budgets, but you may want a little more adventure to celebrate your bestie. So, if flying to a far-away destination isn’t in the cards, think about planning a road trip with your best friends that still won’t break the bank. If you live in the Midwest, consider visiting one of several great girlfriend getaway destinations, including Lake Geneva in Illinois or Lakelands in Minnesota. Just be sure to avoid common road trip mistakes, like paying too much for gas or splurging on restaurants for each meal, if you want to keep the costs of your road trip from adding up and spoiling all of the bachelorette fun.


When you need to save some serious cash on a bachelorette party, you need to think outside of the box. Talk with your bride squad to see which budget-friendly idea sounds like the most fun, so you can stop stressing about funds and start enjoying the celebration!

Thank you, Aimee for such an informative and actionable post! I think most bridal parties can take advice from your ideas!