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Tip Tuesday | Groomsmen Gift Ideas

We couldn’t leave the guys out, now could we? As a follow-up to my previous post featuring Bridesmaid Gift Ideas, I wanted to throw out a few ideas for the groomsmen in your party as well!

1) I love the gift of alcohol-related items — flasks, custom engraved beer mugs, and these sweet mounted bottle opener bar blades that can be customized. I had this one made for my husband with a phrase from one of his buddies:


Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is where I found this one and they have a TON of great ideas, plus many of the items can be personalized for each of your groomsmen.

2) I also like things that can be worn on the wedding day, and then also worn again for work or other events: socks, ties, handkerchiefs, wallets, pocket squares, etc.


3) Meaningful gifts are always a hit too, like these custom cufflinks. You can gift each groomsmen with something representing their favorite team or sport. These Chicago Bulls cufflinks are a great example and can be purchased for any pro sports teams. And the custom baseball cufflinks are made from real game-used baseballs and repurposed into something that can be used again and again for a lifetime. What a special memento to remember your day! There are a bunch of great personalized cufflinks (non-sports related) on the groomsmen gift site here.

I hope this post gets your wheels spinning and helps you find the perfect gifts that will be the perfect way to say thank you to your best guys for standing up with you on your wedding day!

(This is a sponsored post. The product was provided to me in exchange for my review.)