Bissie + Josh | Rainy day engagement session on campus

Well, I don’t have any weddings to post this week for #weddingwednesday BUT I do have an engagement session for a couple whose wedding I am very much anticipating for 2019!! Bissie + Josh had a few ideas for their fall session, but the rain put a bit of a damper on our plans. We made some slight adjustments though and made it work! I also happened to have along with me my clear umbrella so we used that for a few shots. These two went on about how awkward they are in front of the camera, but they did an awesome job! Although, if I can pat myself on the back for a minute, I do think it’s super important to have get a photographer who can coach you into poses and make sure that awkwardness goes away. There’s so much to be said for guiding a person or people into poses without making them look stiff, uncomfortable, or out of place. The coaching and posing is a part of the ongoing education and training I do each year at various photography conferences, workshops, and mentorships. I hope that my hard work shows through in my images!

Ariel + Volkan | Engagment + elopement session University of Illinois campus

I love it when couples come back to the University of Illinois campus where they met to revisit the places where they met, dated, and fell in love. Ariel emailed me saying they were officially already married, but never had engagement photos done and though they live in Chicago now, really wanted a session back in Champaign.  During the course of the session, I learned that TECHNICALLY they first met at Legend's, a bar on campus.  I wonder how many love stories have started in that place? <3  Congrats, Ariel + Volkan on your new marriage, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Graduation + engagement photos | U of I campus portraits

I really love when people choose to document their lives through photographs.  Graduation weekend at the University of Illinois is always a hectic time in the Champaign area, but we were able to fit in 2 sessions ahead of all the rush of the ceremonies for these two new graduates.  Though both are from Taiwan, Judy + Adonis met in Champaign and fell in love. They got engaged along the way, and had a small civil wedding ceremony a few months ago. They plan to have a big celebration back home in Taiwan next year.  But for now, they wanted to document their time here in Champaign, so we ventured around campus and hit some of their favorite spots and the places that mean the most to them individually and as a couple.  

Adonis spent most of his time on the Engineering Quad, so we started out there. I love the leading lines that the Electrical and Computer Engineering building offers as a backdrop for Adonis's portrait. The back side of Grainger Engineering Library also worked well since it was super sunny that day on the entire north quad.

Then after a quick change, we did a few engagement-type photos there since they never really got a chance to do engagement or wedding photos before.  We also headed over to Judy's apartment building where we incorporated a couple of Judy's favorite Illini props. :)

We went on to visit other important campus landmarks like the Hallene Gateway, the main Quad, the Alma Mater, the Union, Foellinger, and the intersection of Wright and Green streets.

With all the places we needed to go, we ended up splitting their session into two parts on two consecutive nights.  It worked out well because Judy studied mostly at the Education building and main library, so we went to a different part of campus for her portion. Her parents again met up with us there, and we also got a few headshots of Judy that she can now use as she enters the workforce.

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