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Jacqueline + Lewis | Urbana courthouse wedding

I’m here today to show you that you can have beautiful wedding photos, even if you don’t have a big elaborate wedding! You can still have fun, romantic, detailed photos if you get married on your lunch hour at your local courthouse. Jacqueline + Lewis called me just a few days ahead of their courthouse elopement asking if I was available to photograph their ceremony. And since courthouse weddings are one of my favorite things, I always find a way!!

It was a busy day for weddings at the courthouse (I think there were 4?), and there were a TON of people there! Luckily, these two had arrived early to get in the queue, so we were called in 2nd! So that left us without about 20 minutes to do some more photos in the courthouse, down by the Champaign County seal, in the elevator, and outside with the beautiful brick facade.

I love the series just after they came out of the courtroom where they put their fists in the air, and Jacqueline showed off her ring pose and her “Hollywood” pose! <3 It was also a super fun day as the entire crowd waiting in the hallway decided to clap and cheer for each couple as they came out. It made for an energizing atmosphere!

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Ashley + Srinu | Monticello courthouse + Monarch Brewery elopement

In Spring of 2017 I was sworn to secrecy as my sister’s friend Ashley married Srinu at the Piatt County Courthouse. I promised to not even tell my sister until they had a chance to tell their friends and loved ones. They were eager to make it official, and had decided on a full wedding and reception the following summer, which happened this past June. I gave them some time after that and then made sure I was in the clear to post the photos from the official courthouse nuptials. :) Ashley gave me the go ahead, and I’m super excited to finally have the chance to show these two off!!

I’d never photographed a wedding at the Piatt County Courthouse before, and I was pleasantly surprised with how pretty the courtroom was! It had very high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling dusty blue drapes, elegant woodwork, and a small-town charm feel to it. It was a warm spring day too, so following the ceremony, we went outside to get some family photos and then of course some portraits of the new Mr. & Mrs. I was loving that sun flare!

Ashley’s family then invited me to join them at Monarch Brewing Co. which had recently opened just a couple blocks away. Everything was SO delicious! I tried avocado fries for the first time! Ashley + Srinu also received some very personal, thoughtful gifts from the close friends and family in attendance. It was an honor to be a part of it all!

Editor’s note: Since these photos were taken, sadly Ashley’s father has passed away. I’m so glad I was there to capture this important day for them. My deepest sympathies to the family.

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Rose + Franklin | Urbana courthouse wedding pictures


Rose + Franklin's families came together in Urbana at the Champaign County Courthouse a few weeks ago to watch as the couple were married by Judge Kennedy. Prior to their sweet little ceremony, we did some portraits of the couple and their details -- the shoes, the rings, the bouquet, the "ring box," etc while we waited for them to be called in. Just after the ceremony, we went outside the beautiful courthouse building for a bunch of family group shots. Carle Park was the setting where Rose + Franklin first made their relationship official, so they wanted to revisit it for some portraits as well. We ended up with a little extra time (they chose a 2-hour package), so they asked if I would come along with them to Golden Harbor restaurant as well. Of course I said yes! I did some more detail shots at the restaurant, which was the location of their first date -- how cute is that?? I love the ring images on top of the Kikkoman soy sauce jar. Best wishes you two as you being married life together! red white floral bouquet boutonneire

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