Lauren + Hugo | Married by judge at the courthouse

I love that courthouse weddings are becoming a niche market for me! It’s definitely something that I love marketing for, and also love photographing. I’ve come to know several of the bailiffs now and they welcome me warmly every time I enter the courthouse and courtrooms.

Lauren + Hugo were married at the Champaign County Courthouse a couple of weeks ago and will be welcoming a baby any day now! I am so excited for them and their growing family, and had a wonderful lunch hour with them photographing their marriage vows before Judge Heidi Ladd. The light on the 3rd floor was perfect that day, and the courtroom images are some of my favorite ceremony images yet! One of my favorite moments of the whole process is when the judge shakes their hands at the end and wishes them a long and happy marriage. I say cheers to that as well!!

Bowie + Kevin | Champaign County Courthouse nuptials

Summer craziness is here, so I haven’t been on top of my blogging like I should be! Trying to catch up in July!

Bowie + Kevin’s beautiful courthouse wedding took place in late May. Bowie had told me up front that they were both awkward in front of a camera — challenge accepted!! I don’t think they look awkward at all! That is one of my favorite things about being a portrait photographer — loosening people up and making them feel totally comfortable and at ease in front of my lens. I love how I was able to pull out some genuine emotion and laughter out of them too which gives these photos authenticity. I should mention that Bowie’s friends served as my kind of “hype girls” and would pump her up and squeal every time we did a cute pose. It was good for morale all around!! :)

Courthouse ceremonies are short and sweet (we’re talking like 5-10 minutes tops), and I spend roughly an hour with each couple. So while the actual ceremony is short, I take advantage of the rest of the hour to get candids, portraits of the couple, details photos, and group photos with any friends or family that are present.

If you’re considering getting married at the courthouse, let me walk you through the process! Send me an email to start the conversation.

Justine + Grant | Urbana courthouse elopement

It was just the two of them. Sweet and simple — just the way they wanted it. They chose to not invite any family or friends (though they knew about it!), and are instead sharing my photos with them after the fact. Justine + Grant had the only wedding at the courthouse on Monday, so we had the 3rd floor hallway pretty much to ourselves. We did a few portraits while we waiting for the bailiff to call us in, and then asked them to pretend I wasn’t there while I snapped some candids. We were then called in to the courtroom, and Judge Heidi Ladd performed the quick ceremony. There were still a few minutes left in our session time, so they hopped on the elevator for one of my signature elevator shots, one quick photo with the Champaign County seal, and then on to the beautiful outside of the courthouse where we finished up with some more portraits and action shots. I always love a good dancing twirl photo! <3