Vendor Spotlight | Blossom Basket Florist

I've been lucky enough to photograph many floral masterpieces from Blossom Basket at various weddings I've worked. Brittany is great to work with, and has previously featured my images on their website and in client handouts. She was gracious enough to answer some questions about herself and the business to help my own clients and blog readers. Thanks, Brittany! 1. How long has Blossom Basket been serving the Champaign-Urbana area? Blossom Basket Florist has been serving the floral needs of the Champaign-Urbana since 1956. We have several full-time and part-time floral designers that comprise our wedding design team. I (Brittany) currently meet and consult with each bride (and her fiancé or mother or sister or who ever she brings to the consultation) and then work along side the rest of the team conveying the vision developed with the bride and working hands-on in the design process.

2. How many couples did you work with in 2011? How about 2012? In 2011, we designed custom wedding flowers for 136 central Illinois weddings. In 2012, we have already designed 18 weddings and have 66 already booked for the remainder of the year. We still have many weekends with availability and anticipate serving over 150 weddings in 2012.

3. What is your favorite type of flower or plant to work with? Oh, don't make me pick a favorite - that's like choosing a favorite child or pet. I just love them all! But my personal favorite flower is an orange spray rose called Mambo. In general I really enjoy using spray roses.They have the same shape and beauty of a rose but are smaller in size and come in a cluster and really enhance the texture of a bouquet. Orchids are another flower that can bring additional interest to a bouquet. Orchids are very versatile, fitting in with many different styles.

4. Do you have a favorite color combination or scheme? Holly, you're killing me. ; ) ...It really doesn't matter what my favorite is, it is my job to help each bride choose a beautiful combination in her favorite color palate. When brides ask me this question I tell them, "I already got to choose my favorite for my wedding, now it's your turn." I am generally a fan of a analogous color palates (shades of the same color or colors near it on the color wheel) and I chose shades of hot pink and orange with touches of burgundy, peach, and medium pink for my own wedding. I'm definitely a color lover, but have recently felt my heart pitter-patter over white and shades of white bouquets.

5. Why should couples choose Blossom Basket as their wedding florist? Our entire Blossom Basket team is dedicate to customer service. My goal is to understand and then create a bouquet that matches the style and vision of each bride. "From Simple to Simply Magnificent" has been a tag line we use and we truly mean it! Any budget, any style, and colors our team will work with each couple to figure out their preferences and priorities.

6. What current wedding trend do you enjoy the most? Vintage-inspired details are fun! They can add style or sentiment or sometimes both. From a simple token like Grandma's broach on the handle of a bride's bouquet to a collection of antique teapots and cups as containers for centerpieces reminders of the past can bring a hint of emotion or carry the whole theme for the wedding.

7. What is one fun fact about you (or Blossom Basket) that brides might like to know? The Blossom Basket Florist is a Christian-based business. Our core value and chief aim is to spread the love of Jesus through our service to our customers and the community. We feel blessed to be chosen to serve the floral needs of each couple that selects Blossom Basket to be their wedding florist.

Below are a few of my favorite bouquets from Blossom Basket that I've photographed.