Breakfast, Life & Dinner | Confidence in the Kitchen

I met my friend Adam a couple years ago at a networking event where I was doing free headshots. We bumped into each other a couple times after that and have built a great working relationship. Adam is the owner of Breakfast, Life & Dinner where he teaches “confidence in the kitchen.” He offers cooking classes for kids through adults, and also does meal planning and prep. He can come to your house and create a full week’s worth of dinners, lunches, snacks, and fresh bread, AND he will leave your kitchen cleaner than he found it! (I speak from experience because following our 2nd food shoot, he cleaned my stovetop better than I ever did!)

Our first shoot took place at the James Room demo kitchen in the Phillips Recreation Center in Urbana. We quickly figured out that we’d need more time than that first morning, so we planned to do a 2nd day a couple weeks later in my family’s kitchen. In exchange for my photos, Adam made some food for my family, including a special treat of stuffed lobster tails for my husband and me — a little nod to my business logo (and possibly slight obsession). ;)

Adam is very good at balancing meals, and making sure there is always something green. In addition to this being good for you, it also makes for great, colorful, mouth-watering images! I really enjoyed our collaboration, and we will be sad to see him move to Austin, Texas in a few weeks. You will be sorely missed in our creative and cooking communities, Adam! Best of luck with your upcoming move and business transition! ATX will be luck to have you. <3

UberEATS | Food delivery service in Champaign-Urbana

The food scene in Champaign-Urbana is diverse, authentic, and a dream for foodies.  I stepped foot in some fantastic restaurants of all varying types the past couple weeks, and feel as though I have a new education in international cuisine, traditions and food styling!  There really is something for everyone here, due in large part to the University -- Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Indian, American, Greek, and the list goes on.

Here some of my favorite images!  Restaurants in order are Signature Grill, Super Niro's, DP Dough, Xinh Xinh Cafe, San Maru, & Basil Thai.

Fieldhouse 219 | Monticello bar + grill food photography


When Fieldhouse 219 bar owner Michelle told me she wanted to get some food photos and updated headshots of her and her bar, I was all in! Then she told me that she'd purchased a mini session package I had donated for a fundraiser that was held at her bar a few months ago, and I can't think of a better matchup for a great cause! Fieldhouse 219 has a wide array of menu items from burgers to wings to salads to nachos and more. There's even a kids menu! My family stopped in there last week and my burger was mouth-watering and amazing. My kiddos loved the grilled cheese and chicken tenders, plus french fries. I opted for the cole slaw instead of fries and it was good as well! We can't wait to go back another time and try something new. :) Fieldhouse 219 is primarily a sports bar, but Michelle also hosts Think & Drink trivia, karaoke, and some of the pay-per-view fights, plus occasional live music. Definitely check it out!

burger with grilled onions and fries plus wings

royal burger chicken wrap and buffalo chicken salad

Fieldhouse 219 owner Michelle Murphy