food photography

Breakfast, Life & Dinner | Confidence in the Kitchen

I met my friend Adam a couple years ago at a networking event where I was doing free headshots. We bumped into each other a couple times after that and have built a great working relationship. Adam is the owner of Breakfast, Life & Dinner where he teaches “confidence in the kitchen.” He offers cooking classes for kids through adults, and also does meal planning and prep. He can come to your house and create a full week’s worth of dinners, lunches, snacks, and fresh bread, AND he will leave your kitchen cleaner than he found it! (I speak from experience because following our 2nd food shoot, he cleaned my stovetop better than I ever did!)

Our first shoot took place at the James Room demo kitchen in the Phillips Recreation Center in Urbana. We quickly figured out that we’d need more time than that first morning, so we planned to do a 2nd day a couple weeks later in my family’s kitchen. In exchange for my photos, Adam made some food for my family, including a special treat of stuffed lobster tails for my husband and me — a little nod to my business logo (and possibly slight obsession). ;)

Adam is very good at balancing meals, and making sure there is always something green. In addition to this being good for you, it also makes for great, colorful, mouth-watering images! I really enjoyed our collaboration, and we will be sad to see him move to Austin, Texas in a few weeks. You will be sorely missed in our creative and cooking communities, Adam! Best of luck with your upcoming move and business transition! ATX will be luck to have you. <3

Sushi Rock | Restaurant + Food Photography

I’ve been working up to getting outside of the UberEats and GrubHub brands to do some of my food and restaurant photography (don’t get me wrong — I LOVE those shoots, but want to do some independently too). I was thrilled when Sushi Rock restaurant (website still in production) in campustown on Green Street contacted me to get some updated photos of their brick-and-mortar restaurant and menu items. They used to be more of a fast-food type of sushi joint, but they’re recently renovated and re-branded into a sit-down place with loads of Asian cuisine. We actually split the shoot into two days and I did some video too. That requires a bit more work, but I’m hoping to show some of those clips soon!

To book a food shoot for your own menu, food truck, or restaurant, please fill out my commercial contact form here! Pricing starts at $150.

Summer Point Beef | Food Photography

A friend from college recently opened a business selling freezer beef. Krystal sells different cuts of boneless steak, burgers, fajita meat, and bulk ground beef through Summer Point Beef. She needed some photos of the beef products alone and styled to use on their website and social media. We had a fun day grilling and making sides to accompany the beef. And I got to taste test afterward! That is always the biggest bonus to food photography!!

You can order your own beef with a variety of options through their website. Check it out!