Tip Tuesday | Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

One wedding day tradition is to gift your bridesmaids with something to say thank you for being a part of your wedding party. I’ve seen all kinds of great ideas — robes, jewelry, custom tanks/tees, personalized makeup bags, champagne flutes, and these adorable and practical stemless wine glasses. They are insulated metal and keep your drinks nice and cold, plus they can be personalized with monograms or names in varying colors. And the cups themselves come in a few different colors as well. I chose the matte black version with rose gold lettering with my name.

I got mine just a few days ago and I’ve already used it a ton! It’s great for hot summer day sitting out on our back deck and keeps my drinks cold for a long time. They’re affordable too, so go grab some for the bridesmaids in your life (and maybe your moms too!)!

(This is a sponsored post. The product was provided to me in exchange for my review.)

Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Party

Traditionally the bride and groom give a gift to each of their bridesmaids and groomsmen as a gesture of thanks for standing up with them and investing the time and money to be included in the wedding party. As a wedding photographer, I have seen all kinds of gifts, and I definitely have some favorites!

Some of the gifts I see the most for bridesmaids are:

1) Matching robes/shirts/PJs. Robes can come in floral, solid or textured patterns and fabrics, and sometimes they are a touch more luxurious with a monogram or wording on the back or left chest. But no matter the style, they always make for a great photo with the bride once all the hair and makeup is done!


2) Jewelry. This is a popular one because it means all the ladies will be wearing matching jewelry the whole day, which is also nice for photos.


3) Tote bags. I’ve seen super cute canvas tote bags (sometimes customized) that are handy for toting around all the wedding day essentials. Bonus if you put their name or initial on it — they’ll always know whose is whose!


For the fellas, here’s what I see trending:

1) Cufflinks. Again, it’s nice to have everyone matching, or to give them something that’s maybe not as noticeable but re-usable and meaningful to each guy. It’s cool when they are favorite sports teams!


2) Flasks. These are practical and personal! Flasks can also be customized with each groomsman’s name or initials. And it’s something he can re-use also!


3) Favorite liquor/beer. In our own wedding, we gave each of the groomsmen a handle of their favorite alcohol — this one is always a hit, though not super long lasting. ;)

4) Hotel night stays. Especially if being in the wedding could be considered a hardship for any of your crew, you could gift them with a night or two in the hotel block to help offset some of their costs with attending and standing up in the wedding.


Maybe you’re looking for something a bit different or that will make more of a statement with your wedding party? Make a lasting impact on your wedding party with a pair of sunglasses or a gift card from Warby Parker (who has one of my favorite Instagram feeds, by the way!). ;)

Warby Parker has a new bulk ordering process that lets you order multiple products at one time, and all pairs come with a case, a microfiber lens cloth, and colorful packaging. If you were to happen to need more than 50 pairs, they even include a custom lens cloth with each pair!

I also love personal gifts that are meaningful to the couple. If you’re into Legos, maybe you give a special Lego set to each of your party. If you’re into movies, maybe you gift a copy of your favorite flick or a gift card to Redbox or Netflix. If you’re an adventurer, maybe you gift your favorite water bottle. The possibilities are endless! Whatever you decide to give, be sure to include a thank you note expressing your gratitude and appreciation for each person. Your kind words with the thoughtful gift will leave a lasting impression.

What unique gifts have you seen at weddings you’ve been in?