painted walls

Kenzie | Tween rainbow color session

My friend Kristin is a fellow photographer, and we often daydream about session ideas that are rolling around in our brains. Her daughter Kenzie loves all things rainbow, and Kristin had previously done a session with her on a light blue wall, but wanted to do an extra session with all different colors of painted walls. She loved my painted wall project from a couple summers ago, and so we set out with a new map and a timeline and made it happen!

We were able to find the 6 main color wheel colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple. We did have a few challenges in that it ended up being a bit chilly that evening, and the sun wasn’t always quite where we’d prefer for it to be. We love how the images turned out though, and we especially liked seeing the juxtaposition of my digital versions versus Kristin’s film versions.

HBP Color Project | Champaign + UIllinois photography project

I have envisioned this personal project for YEARS and finally made it happen in June of this year.  I scouted locations for months and am thrilled with the results.  A model call on my Facebook page helped me find two couples to model for me on two separate evenings.  At first I thought we would repeat a couple locations, but I had enough spots that we didn't have to do any repeats.  My dream above all with this was to have a rainbow grid on my Instagram feed, but I also had a ton of fun with posing the couples and editing these images.  I realized a huge part of my brand is COLOR, and so this project was the perfect way jumpstart that aspect of my branding!  Enjoy!! Want to book your own colorful session or enjoy these poses (or both??)?  Contact me today to book your wedding or engagement session! 217-737-0971

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