Prom Dress Guru Crew | M2 The Place for Prom

At the very tail end of 2017, I spent a day with the staff at M2 and their "Guru Crew" models.  We had 10 girls model, and they each wore 9 dresses.  If you do the math, that's NINETY dresses!  It was crazy but fun! The store will use these images for the prom marketing in the coming months.  So now, let me introduce you to: Quinci, Shayla, Izzy, Serena, Payton, Katelyn, Maddie, Sydni, Rachel, and Lindsey!

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Clayton | Cerro Gordo High School senior


Clayton just so happens to me my "little" brother-in-law, but he's also a senior at Cerro Gordo High School this year! He's a hard worker and has joined the basketball team recently. We met up at Allerton Park on a perfect fall day, and the park was just full of the wonderful fall colors my clients are always looking for this time of year. Our timing couldn't have been better!Cerro Gordo high school

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Kate | Mahomet-Seymour senior class of 2015


I only met Kate the day of our session, but I instantly could tell that she's a bright, intelligent girl with lots of charisma. She loves horses and reading, and is starting her freshman year of college this week. Better late than never, right? :) The boots that you see in a couple photos are a nod to the horses, and we did several photos of her reading that I'm fond of! #hbpseniors #mahometseymour #bulldogs #mshs #orangeandblue #embraceyourallure Hair & makeup by Allure Salon

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