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I have long been searching for a solution to scheduling my blogging and social media posts that will help me stay organized and on top of my postings without costing me tons of time.  I tried a few different options, but kept coming back to CoSchedule because it integrates with my blog through WordPress so seamlessly.

best way to schedule social media

For my business, I manage just a handful of social media outlets, but it is so nice to have them all in one place where I can edit and post effortlessly and quickly.  My typical workflow is to write and post a blog post, then share the blog post to Facebook.  I’ll then post separately to Instagram either using Dropbox (because I have to get my DSLR photos to Instagram somehow) or using a third-party IG posting site.  I’ll then sometimes post the blog link to Twitter separately and without a photo because it’s too much effort to also find and post a photo to Twitter!  Now, with CoSchedule, I can do all of that in one place and my photos are automatically placed.  The only thing I have left to do is to go to my phone and authorize the post to Instagram (because Instagram doesn’t allow automatic posts through CoSchedule).

social interactions through CoSchedule

I love that CoSchedule also shows me my engagement both through my blog and via social media.  I can quickly see how many reactions I got from each post and how they are performing.  It helps me to easily know what types of posts are drawing people in and learn what content will work best moving forward.

easily schedule social media in one place

Here’s a video showing a quick overview of CoSchedule:

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Some other key features of CoSchedule that I love are the drag-and-drop options, color-coded tasks to keep you organized, and a real-time calendar where you can easily see what you have scheduled out.  I’ve been trying to do a large chunk of writing and blogging at one time so that I’m not writing every other day. It’s been nice to schedule that stuff out in advance and know that my website, blog and social media are working for me, even when I’m not sitting in front of my computer.

use CoSchedule to post all at once

There are also a ton of other features that I haven’t even delved into using yet, but would be huge for certain other business, especially those with more employees — email marketing, e-books, webinars, announcements, and much more.  It also makes it easy for you to repost old content to keep important posts top of mind for new readers and subscribers.  There is also a phone app that let’s you draft content on the go.  The app is also where you go to approve the Instagram posts.

easily see social interactions through CoSchedule

If you’re interested in using CoSchedule for your own business, you can use any of the “CoSchedule” links in this post which is my referral link that gives me a small discount on my subscription.  I know CoSchedule is making a huge difference in my small business, and I think it could in yours too!