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Personal Brand Photography for Small Business Owners

With all the social media marketing going on with businesses all over the globe, it is so so important to have great content to post. Photographers have one form of content easily at their fingertips — photos! But other business owners and marketing teams don’t always have this luxury. And then in addition to your content, it’s also important to express your personality through your brand.

So that’s why a few weeks ago I met up with a couple photographer friends (yes, I know, photographers!) ;) to do some personal brand photography. This was especially great for Emily (Pixels by Emily) because she doesn’t show any sneak peeks of her clients due to her business model. She rarely has timely content to post, so instead we grabbed a bunch of shots of things that define her brand — the color spectrum, coffee, Aperol Spritz, Chucks, her camera, and fashion! I also think to tell a story it is often helpful to have non-face images, so we made sure to get some of her hands working on the laptop, looking at Instagram, and holding a coffee mug.

Kristin, Emily & I call ourselves the Three Amigos. So moving onto Kristin’s (kDarling Photography) portion of the photo session… she has recently adopted a very strong film photography routine into most of her sessions. So we knew we had to incorporate her “other children” — her medium format and her 35mm camera bodies. Kristin is making an effort to put herself into her social media a bit more, so having these closeups, and some casual headshots is exactly what the doctor ordered. Kristin’s brand is purple hair, muted greens, light & airy images, slogan t-shirts with cardigans, and film.

I adore these two women so much and am so grateful for our lunches together, our ongoing text threads, and our ability to bounce ideas and business hiccups off each other. I’m looking forward to our next lunch together — sushi!! 🍣

Do photos like these feel like something you need for your own business our brand? Shoot me a message and let’s brainstorm your own custom session!