New album options | Flushmount wedding albums

Forbeyon cover swatchesWhat's in the pretty blue box, you say? I'm glad you asked! Just this week I got in my brand-spankin'-new album cover swatches from Forbeyon. They are 3x3" pieces of the actual material that can be used on any of my flushmount wedding albums. They have some fun names like Cherry Pie and Boa and Cinnamon Weave. There are 42 to choose from and you really should see and feel them in person! Forbeyon cover swatches When I first opened the box, this is what I saw... Apple Pie! Forbeyon cover swatches Pretty rainbow of swatches! Forbeyon cover swatches Here's the classic but boring black that is included with the albums in my packages. You can get any of the other colors for a small upgrade fee. Forbeyon cover swatches Here are 6 of my absolute favorites... I'm getting ready to order samples in the red and green ones! Also, the brown suede one on the left is SO SOFT. Forbeyon cover swatches Make an appointment to see them today!