wedding hangover

What happens after the wedding?


Your vows have been shared. The marriage certificate is signed.The cake has been cut, top layer carefully wrapped in layers upon layers of plastic wrap to save for another year.Your guests have all returned home with full bellies, aching feet, and possibly a slight hangover.You’re so happy!You want to relive the day over and over and over again.

So, what happens next?

  1. Watch for a sneak peek!I generally will post a handful of sneak peek images within 24-48 hours.These will be on Facebook with one main image on Instagram, and I’ll try to tag the couple when I can.It’s helpful to have your Facebook name and Instagram handle ahead of time if we don’t already follow each other.

  2. Keep your eyes peeled for your blog post!“On Wednesdays we blog!” I try to blog EVERY wedding by the Wednesday following that wedding (or 4 days later, depending on the day of the week the wedding falls on).In the blog post I talk a bit about the couple, your day, some of my favorite moments, and then showcase about 80-100 of my favorite images that tell your story, with links to all your fabulous vendors.Blogging is the lifeblood of my business, and as a bonus for my clients, it gives you an in-depth snapshot of your day to share with friends and family in a timely manner.Be sure to share the link and collect comments from your friends & family to earn your free print!

  3. Throughout the coming weeks, I will also post favorite images to Instagram, so be sure to watch for those! @hollybirchphoto(I try to remember to use your wedding hashtag when applicable, but don’t always remember… sorry!)

  4. Your gallery is coming!About 3-4 weeks following the wedding, I will send you a direct link to your full image gallery.This is usually about 500-800 images, depending on the a lot of different factors, the main one being the length of time I am there to photograph your wedding.Every image that you see in the gallery will be included on your final download or USB.Downloads are available immediately with a PIN, or the USB will be mailed to you within about a week after the gallery is ready.

  5. If your Collection included an album, you will receive page drafts about 2-3 months following the wedding.I use this neat proofing site that allows you to click on each page or picture and leave your comments for me.Albums include up to 2 rounds of revisions, so I encourage clients to go through the drafts thoroughly and leave comments or corrections for me based on the image numbers from your gallery or USB (the numbers are the same!).

  6. Upon final approval of your album (there’s a nifty “approve your album” button on the site!), I will place the order with my lab in Texas and you’ll receive the album in about 3-4 weeks.

  7. If you’d like any lab-quality prints or canvases, those should be ordered prior to the gallery expiring (usually 1 month).They can be ordered through the gallery or through me.Also ifyour collection included any prints or canvases, I will order them once I know your selections.And if you happened to earn a free print from the blog comments, I will order it at that time as well.

That’s it!At this point, you should have all the final items from your Collection.If at any point you don’t have something, don’t hesitate to email, call or text!Enjoy your first year as a married couple!!