Taste of the Town | Champaign Fire & Police Memorial Benefit

Here are a few photos of my booth from the Taste of the Town that was held at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, March 5. We met new people and old friends, tried several types of tasty food, and had a great response to our booth (and our floral decorations). We were glad to have been a part of it. Thanks to my sister Stephanie and my husband Aaron for helping out at the booth and bringing me back goodies from the various food vendors. See what I mean about the flowers? They were gorgeous. Thanks so much to Fleurish (my downstairs studio neighbor!) for creating it for me! My brand-spanking new guestbook sample. It arrived in the mail that very day! I also had just picked up a bunch of the "I Do" magazines from the News-Gazette the day before the event. My new metallic print standout mount. These prints are going to be hot! They have an inch-deep foam block on the back so they "standout" from the wall. You need to see this in person! The 4'x6' print made another appearance too! It started to snow while we were inside, and it was cool to see the field go from clear to dusted, to completely white by the time we left. A chalk drawing created by the UI chalk club: