The Reset Conference | Coming to iHotel in Champaign March 13-14


Hey there, blog readers! Are there any photographers or videographers out there reading this? If so, have you heard about the Reset Conference? It's coming to Champaign at the iHotel this March 13-14! The speaking panel is packed solid with amazing creatives, speakers and teachers. There are 3 keynote speakers coming in from around the country, and then a large panel of breakout speakers that will be teaching more specific classes. Yours truly will be leading two identical (I think!) classes on off-camera flash.speaking at Reset off-camera flash Also, if you sign up using the discount code HOLLY30, you'll get $30 off your registration fee! Reset Conference 30 percent off code Are you ready for this??? Check out this power-packed group of breakout speakers! Reset breakout speakers Just to give you a taste of what I'll be showing and teaching, here's a sampling of the images from my presentation. We'll do a little "reverse engineering" and find out how I set up these types of shots, what equipment I used, as well as camera and flash settings. off-camera flash samples Champaign weddings with off-camera flash Orpheum weddings off-camera flash Join us! You can't go wrong with a deal like this. #communityovercompetition #hbpbrides #hollybirchphotography #theresetconference #reset2016