"There were never such devoted sisters"

You might know that song line from the movie "White Christmas," or not if you're not a dork like me! I've known these two ladies for a LONG time. I went to jr. high and high school with Ann and she's been one of my closest friends since we met in 7th grade. She now has a master's degree and is teaching college English (hey, Dave, if you're reading this, she still needs to email you!!). Ann aspires to someday be a famous author. She has some GREAT ideas, one of which I've been pushing her to write for at least 2 years (*hint, hint* Ann!!).

Mary is a few years younger than Ann but is equally amazing. This girl is an avid runner and is really into a healthy lifestyle. They're both fashionistas, dating way back to when I was still wearing corduroy and flannel (I'm serious!) and they were hard-core GAP followers. Now I shop at the GAP while they've graduated to, oh, I don't know Banana Republic and AnnTaylor or something. Ann also has an adorable dog named Audrey and two kittens, Josh & Ella. It would've been fun to have Audrey at the shoot, but then the kittens would have felt left out.

Without further ado, I give you the photos: Mary Sisters Ann (doesn't she look sassy here?) Sisters I of course brought my favorite chair again! Sisters Sisters Serious shot in case she ever needs a photo for her book dust jacket. ;) Sisters Sisters Together for Mom (Hi Kathy!) Sisters

This one's not the greatest shot, but I love it anyway. Sisters free tart

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