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Groomsmen have the ever-important job of keeping the groom relaxed and calm throughout the wedding day.They are one of most fun aspects of my job, so long as I keep them in line and they don’t get too rowdy!I love joking around with them and lightening the mood from the start so they don’t that I’m there to make them look good and make being a groomsman a breeze.The day goes so smoothly when they trust me and know that I’m going to get the job done (read: wedding party photos) efficiently and in a timely manner.I often will tell them that my goal is to get through the full wedding party and groomsmen photos thoroughly but quickly to get them back to cocktail hour/the limo/the reception to continue the festivities.They are instantly on my team!

tips for groomsmen
groomsmen tuxes with cufflinks

groomsmen tuxes with cufflinks

Now onto my tips for groomsmen.Your job, much like the ushers jobs that I wrote about last week, is relatively easy.But there are a few things you can do to really win the bride and groom over.

groomsmen helping the groom

groomsmen helping the groom

  1. Be on time!There’s nothing worse than someone who is NOT the bride or groom holding everything else up.Get your clothing and any applicable accessories (shoes, cufflinks, pocket squares, socks, etc) lined up the night before, so all you have to do is grab your shades and walk out the door.

  2. Offer to help the bride and groom.Now this advice is mainly for the months/weeks/days leading up to the wedding, and not necessarily the day of, but it’s also helpful to ask before the ceremony if there’s anything you can get or do for the groom. Maybe he needs a small snack to level out his blood sugar.Maybe he needs a quick shot of liquid courage.Maybe he left something in the car.Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, be there to help him out so he can focus on his main objective for the day — getting married to that smokin’ hot wife! ;)

  3. Help plan the bachelor party.While the best man should be the one to head up this gig, it’s likely that he could use a bit of help or insight.Offer to take one of the tasks off his plate, and organize that part of it.It’s also nice to have input from a few different people to pull in a few of the groom’s interests and hobbies.

  4. Be ready for double duty.If there aren’t any ushers, you may be asked to help seat guests at the ceremony.Check out my “Tips for Ushers” post for more on that.

  5. Buy a gift.Yes, you already had to drop a bit of cash to rent or buy the suit or tux, but the bride and groom are feeding (and possibly also providing drinks!) for the event.Gifts are generally expected.Don’t shy away from using the registry (might as well get what they want to save them the hassle of returning or exchanging it!), and feel free to go in with another groomsmen or a group to give you a larger budget to work with.

  6. Enjoy the night!Once your official duties are over, it’s time to let loose!

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