Tips for Ushers | Bride's Planning Guide


My list of tips for ushers is very short, as the job description for ushers is also very short! Ha ;)  I find sometimes that my couples don’t have ushers and they have the groomsmen pull double duty.  Ushers can be a great part of the wedding though, and it’s a great way to get a few more friends and/or family involved in your wedding party.  An usher has one job really and that is to escort the wedding guests to their seats. So here’s my tip for you, ushers. OWN IT!  Your job is basically over before the ceremony even starts and you get to escort a long line of lovely ladies to their seats.  So offer out your arm with gusto and confidently guide them to their seats!  Then for the rest of the day, you can relax and enjoy the party (though you may still have to take a few photos… but that part is easy!). :)

groomsmen and ushers group photos

This seems like a given, but I have seen my share of ushers that stand around at the back of the church like a deer in the headlights.  The goal of each of the vendors, the venue, and the couple is to get this party started on time, and you can be a hugely helpful part of that by seating people in a timely manner (avoid having people stand around in the foyer or vestibule), and close the guestbook and/or sanctuary doors at the exact time that the ceremony is to start.  You can remind people that there will be plenty of time to sign the guestbook at the reception, and that is important that we get started on time.  Thank them for coming and then ask them to kindly take their seats.  Easy peasy!  You’re done! groomsmen having a good time with flasks

For more tips, here's a fantastic blog post on the Art of Manliness on being an usher.  If you are ever unsure of your duties, definitely ask to be sure that you are doing everything expected of you.  Now go do your thing, usher!