Upcoming changes | Champaign-Urbana maternity photographer

I'm excited to announce a few minor changes at Holly Birch Photography beginning on or around May 1. 1) Rather than DVDs for wedding images, I will now be putting images onto either a 4- or 8GB USB thumb drive. I believe this will be better and easier for everyone in the long run -- especially me who often forgets to burn the print release onto the disc!

2) Beginning May 1, online proofing for portrait sessions will not be available until after you complete an in-studio (or in-home) ordering session. Also, rather than offering print credits with portrait sessions, you will instead get 10% off anything you order during the ordering session.

3) The pricing structure for prints and canvases will be changing slightly as well. Actual prices are staying the same, but I have simplified everything by removing some less popular items, and changing to non-crop photo ratios (this will make more sense at your ordering session, but basically means you will get an 8x12” print rather than an 8x10” print, for example).

And, since every post is better with an image, here is a sneak peek at Catherine & Brian's maternity session from yesterday. Best of luck to the parents-to-be as they near their due date!