Valentine's Day Special!

I've been itching to get this post up and I just can't wait any longer! This special has two parts: 1 for wedding clients and 1 for portrait clients. These specials are in effect from today (1/23) through February 21 only

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animatrix the dvd . Part 1: Wedding clients Book Package 1 by 2/21 and receive $200 off the package pric

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e. Book any of the other packages (including custom packages) and receive $100 off! ALSO, as an added bonus for those who book Package 1, I will throw in a complimentary ChrysQ album cover for your 12x12" 24-page custom album! My favorite is DOTTE... what's yours? :)

Part 2: Portrait clients Jpegs are so popular these days with just about everyone having an internet presence now, that I've decided to offer my portrait clients who purchase a session by 2/21 (session must be completed by April 30, 2009) a complimentary 10-image CD with images of your choice. Each of these 10 images will be hand-edited and processed by me.

And since I've learned that no post is complete without a picture, here's a sneak peak of my postcard. Let me know if you'd like 1 or 5 to hand out or hang up in your home or office! See anyone you recognize? :) Other side of new postcard

Happy Valentine's Day!!