Wedding Cake Tips from a Cake Decorator


One of cake decorators whose work I photograph the most is Lori from Cakes by Lori.  Her office is based out of the Hawthorn Suites in Champaign, and she answered a few questions for me pertaining to wedding cakes.  I've also shared a few of her creations that I've photographed (and tasted!!!) in the photos below. Lori says the first thing people should consider when planning their cake is their style and budget.  It's important to know much you're willing to spend up front, and also the overall style or theme of the wedding to match the cake to.  Do you want a classic style?  Maybe something more edgy and modern?  Are cupcakes more your style?  Is there a particular aspect to your wedding that you want to incorporate into the cake design?

Champaign-Urbana wedding cakesWhat are the current trends in cakes?  Lori says the big trends are texture and metalllics.  She noted however that most of the cakes you see with the metallic finishes are not edible. The metallic finishes have not been approved by the FDA for consumption. Cake decorators can use them on any cakes as they are non-toxic and are approved for food use, but they are not to be consumed. We agreed this makes no sense, but still good information to pass along!  I had no idea!!

tennis theme wedding cakeLori's favorite type or style of cake are classic round stacked cakes. She says there is something simple and timeless about a round cake. Her favorite design is something detailed -- she says (for selfish reasons -- ha!) she can get lost in the details paisley and lace embossing when working on a cake.

Hollywood art deco black and white wedding cake

I asked Lori about her dream job and she says she already has it!  She loves to help couples plan their cakes, seeing their faces when they see the cake, or hearing from them after the wedding.  These things bring her so much joy.

east central Illinois cupcake tower

Lori's advice for bride's planning their cakes -- don't stress!  She says choose a cake artist that you can make a connection with and makes you feel at ease. You will be spending time with them and you should feel at ease and confident that your vendor can do what you are wanting. Also, check reviews online she adds.

I also asked her about her favorite color combo.  She said it's classic red and white because it is so pretty on the cakes.

That's it!  Thanks Lori for sharing a bit of yourself and your business with us on my blog!  I can't wait to eat some more of your delicious creations this wedding season!!