Wedding dress photos


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I was playing around with my new camera and my 50mm 1.4 lens the other day and took some pretty photos of my dress that I want to have saved before I get it even dirtier than it already is in a couple weeks. I love love love my dress, and think it fit me and my personality perfectly. The lines and the fabric and the color were all spot on. edge of the train divx braveheart I also want to show some of my upcoming brides a few samples of a dress not on a bride. I haven't had many chances to shoot the dress before the bride gets into it as I haven't done any all day weddings. This year though, I have several of those and I'm looking very forward to capturing the details and the wedding party prior to and during their preparation time. It will be very fun! buttons all down her back (Please ignore the wrinkles! I didn't let it hang very well after our wedding!) my dress And lastly, my "happy accident" while testing my flash equipment yesterday. I think the lens flare is so pretty here. happy accident :)