You know what's sad? 2009-10=1999

I didn't realize it until I printed out signs for Alexis to hold at her senior session yesterday. I showed them to Aaron to get his opinion and he said, "You mean we graduated 10 years ago?!" Wow, I feel old now. But I digress... I had such a fun time with Alexis, except for the part where she made me walk through a very long, muddy and DARK tunnel to get to some graffiti and a creek. But it was exciting! I'd been working on a list of cool locations all summer long and we knocked out 4 of them just last night. We're going to hit up a couple more spots on Saturday with a couple other outfits and props as well. Alexis was a good sport and we had a lot of similar ideas (including one her dad whispered to me before we left), so that made her session really relaxing and comfortable. Below are some of my favorites.

I think this one makes her look even older than she is! HBP_0165b_blog HBP_0173b_blog free interview moonlight mile online

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She's had a thing for this weathered grocery sign for a long time, so we of course stopped there. I think I'll be stealing this spot for future portrait sessions! HBP_0193b_blog Alexis has a really young-at-heart aura about her, and she is always wearing awesome t-shirts, so we had to incorporate that! HBP_0223b_blog *sigh* Ten summers ago I was sitting on a '99 in a portrait studio. HBP_0233b_blog flashbacks of a fool free download I'd always wanted to shoot at this abandoned grain elevator, but I never noticed the big piles of rocks before! HBP_0289b_blog thomas crown affair the download free This was one of those that her dad wanted. He has a major love for trains, and I love shooting on train tracks, so it was perfect! HBP_0299b_blog