Moderation Maven | Personal Brand Photography

It was my pleasure to work with my friend Leia on her personal brand photography shoot! Leia is the face behind Moderation Maven, where she is passionate about nutrition and educating people about food myths, labels, and fear-mongering when it comes to agriculture and food.

Leia has a regular segment on the WCIA Morning Show where she shares recipes with the viewers. This particular day was just ahead of Valentine’s Day, so she made up a decadent chocolate cake that was balanced out with fresh whipped cream and lots of seasonal fruits! We then went on to a local grocery store where we did some social media images, headshots, and some promotional photos in the aisles.

I like to tell my brand photography clients that my goal is to give you lots of great stock images that are your own, and not something random you pulled off the internet. We sit down for a face-to-face meeting where we brainstorm and discuss what makes sense for your business and your brand. Leia wanted photos of food labels (alone and comparing them), photos of her choosing fresh produce, a few photos of herself, and then some social media “filler photos” — using her phone for Instagram, close-ups of food, recipe-specific prepared food, and so on.

Part 2 of this shoot is yet to come, so stay tuned!!

Sushi Rock | Restaurant + Food Photography

I’ve been working up to getting outside of the UberEats and GrubHub brands to do some of my food and restaurant photography (don’t get me wrong — I LOVE those shoots, but want to do some independently too). I was thrilled when Sushi Rock restaurant (website still in production) in campustown on Green Street contacted me to get some updated photos of their brick-and-mortar restaurant and menu items. They used to be more of a fast-food type of sushi joint, but they’re recently renovated and re-branded into a sit-down place with loads of Asian cuisine. We actually split the shoot into two days and I did some video too. That requires a bit more work, but I’m hoping to show some of those clips soon!

To book a food shoot for your own menu, food truck, or restaurant, please fill out my commercial contact form here! Pricing starts at $150.

One Winter Night 2019 | C-U at Home

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of photographing the annual One Winter Night fundraiser to support C-U at Home. This non-profit organization exists to help our friends without an address in the Champaign-Urbana community. Every February, members and leaders of the community raise money and sleep outside on the cold streets of downtown Champaign. The “box dwellers” are given a cardboard appliance box (think refrigerator size) and can bring their own blankets and warming supplies as they choose. There is always a warming center set up which over the last couple years has also transformed into a forum throughout the early part of the evening where you can sit and listen to community leaders talk about homelessness in the area and they also address questions and concerns.

This annual event is intended to raise about 2/3 of the annual budget for C-U at Home, and most times they are able to make their goal! This year the goal was $250,000 and about a week after the event, they surpassed that number! C-U at Home helps with transportation to rehabilitation centers and they offer a daytime drop-in center where those without an address can shower, use computers to apply for jobs, and build friendships. The organization has also helped several people get off the streets and into homes of their own.

To get involved in the 2020 One Winter Night event, contact C-U at Home.