Commercial + Agricultural Photographer | Farm Progress Show 2019

You may have noticed that my social media posting and blogging schedule has been a little off for 2019. I’m happy to say that it is largely due in part to the amount of commercial photography work I have been doing. Many things I am not at liberty to share with you, and other things I haven’t quite figured out the best and most efficient way to share them. And then some things I will share eventually I hope!


Today I’m attending the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, which I have attended every other year for the past decade or so (in odd years it is in Illinois, and even years it is in Iowa). I used to tag along with my dad and grandpa just to visit booths that were interesting to me and to bump into friends, acquaintances, and old college buddies! While I’m still going along with my dad and grandpa, my motive is a bit different this year! I am really enjoying the commercial work I’ve been doing and feel like I’ve found something that can get me more work during the week, and take some pressure of my weekends (though I still LOVE and am booking weddings!).


My intention is to network and meet as many midwest-based companies as I can. I want to develop some new business relationships and see if any opportunities arise where my photography services could be useful. I am experienced in photographing products both with natural light and artificial light, event photography, and directing models (even the farmer type!) through candid photoshoots. I love any chance I get to visit a farm and take my camera with me!


I’ll do a follow up post next week with the photos I take at this year’s show. Stay tuned!

Interested in hearing more? Visit my commercial portfolio to see some of the brands I’ve worked with and to see some of my favorite commercial images. You can also email me (Holly) directly.

iHotel Renovation Photos | Urbana-Champaign Campus Hotel

I have had the pleasure of photographing many weddings at the iHotel in Champaign, but I was honored to have been asked to photograph their recent renovations as well! The furniture in the common areas gets rearranged on occasion, plus new carpet and curtains were added to the guest rooms. They also needed some updated images of the iCafe and Houlihan’s areas, the “green roof,” and the courtesy vehicles. I can’t wait to be back for another wedding, but it was especially fun to see a little of the behind-the-scenes of one of my favorite local hotels. And the staff at the iHotel can’t be beat — both on the guest services side and the conference side. Everyone is so welcoming, kind, and helpful. I’m happy to keep building on our great working relationship!

Irrigation Propane Testimonial with GROWMARK FS | Agricultural Commercial Photography

I spent a morning with the GROWMARK FS Propane division a few weeks ago. They were doing a propane testimonial video with a couple of farmers and a couple of their propane salesmen to talk about the advantages of using propane for irrigation systems. I was doing the still photos while another team did the video portion. We met in my old stomping grounds of Mason County, and had a high percentage of Illini Central graduates involved in the project!

Full sun is rarely my friend on a wedding day, but for a commercial project like this it works really well (except when you need to have a person facing the sun). The white propane tanks and delivery trucks bounce light really well though too so they helped me out quite a bit as natural reflectors.

I love these types of projects and always look forward to getting back to my ag roots. If you can envision something similar for your own project or business, shoot me a message and we can see if it would be a good fit!