Mary Beth + Aaron | Lifestyle session with fur babies

I did a lifestyle session this week that was a little outside of the box from what I normally do. Mary Beth her boyfriend Aaron have 4 cats that live with them, and one of them sadly is getting up there in years and not in the best health. She wanted to capture the whole family together this holiday season. The cats’ personalities were all over the place which was hilarious to witness. One of them stayed far away unless there were treats around, one of them liked to get his face right up in my lens, and the other two were pretty chill. I think we did exactly one photo where the human subjects were looking at the camera, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for. I love how these turned out! Fur babies are always welcome at my sessions! <3

Target Family Holiday Photos

Ann texted me one day a couple months ago asking if I would be up for a session at her family’s favorite place to shop — Target! I couldn’t type back “YES!” fast enough! Her kids know that when they visit the red bullseye that there’s a good chance they’ll get popcorn or cake pops for good behavior. We got to have both during their session (though one of the twins popped a whole cake pop in his mouth as soon as it came out of the case… not naming names!). The kiddos love visiting the Dollar Spot, the toy aisle (duh!), and LOVE looking at all the sparkly light-up holiday decorations. There was even a fun kids’ tent set up, so we made sure to use that, along with some very Target-esque lights throughout the store. I snuck in splashes of red whenever I could too — the red basket, the red cart (of course!), and the red walls. And how cute are the girls’ Target tees?

All in all, I think we successfully terrorized a local Target well enough for an hour. 😂😂😂 We only had a couple minor meltdowns, and I got some fantastic, genuine smiles in a good portion of the photos. Ann will treasure these for a long time, I’m sure!

Nevan | Tween birthday photoshoot

My nephew Nevan moved to Florida a couple years ago with his mom (my sister Stephanie). They live in the land of Gators, where in fact Stephanie works at the University of Florida.  For the past couple of years, Nevan has been able to come back to Illinois and spend about a month rotating between family (my mom, my dad, my grandpa, and us) and he spent about 2 weeks total with us this year.  Before he left about a week ago, we gave him a fresh new haircut and I made him put on a clean shirt and take some new photos for his favorite Aunt Holly. ;)  He turned 11 yesterday and is flying back to Florida tomorrow with my mom.  

See you in November, Nevan!!  Love you!!!