Maximus | Golden State Warriors birthday session

This big guy (my oldest) turned 9 in April. I try to always do an updated photo session with both of my kids near their birthday to document each year. I don't always make it happen, and part of that is due to lack of inspiration. Well, we had lots of inspiration this year, so Hadley got 2 sessions (pink Magnolia tree & yellow lemons shoot), and Maximus gets 2, including this Golden State Warriors one. We’re doing another session for him sometime in the next couple weeks.

Max’s favorite sport is definitely basketball (though he likes baseball too and recently had his first go at pitching!). Like many boys his age, he loves Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors, and so he’s been adding to his royal blue and yellow collection. He got the shoes last winter for basketball season, got the ball for his birthday, and I picked up the shirt at a resale shop last fall. It is hard to find Warriors stuff in the midwest, so I jumped on that one when I found it in his size! We also just ordered his backpack for next fall, which of course is GSW themed.

This little boy is smart, a good friend, a playmate to his sister, and has a gentle heart, that’s sometimes easily broken. He makes us proud when we watch him at school, on the court or field, or with his friends. We hope that he’ll always be kind, and continue to take care of his little sister for life.

Hadley | Yellow sunshine & lemons session

This shoot all started with a $5 dress from Walmart. I kept saying for a couple months that I needed to get her outside with a bowl of lemons to complete the look. It finally warmed up and we found a vibrant yellow wall for the backdrop. My friend Kristin came along with me and shot film while I shot digital. Hadley had fun I think, especially when we let her throw the lemon, and once she got into it and started doing her own poses and strutting. Haha! Her hair was still slightly curly from her preschool graduation the night before!

Love this little girl, her gummy smile, her affection, and her independence. She’s our little Bug-bug (morphed from Hadley-bug & H-bug) and we love her to pieces! Max gets his own shoot soon!

Kenzie | Tween rainbow color session

My friend Kristin is a fellow photographer, and we often daydream about session ideas that are rolling around in our brains. Her daughter Kenzie loves all things rainbow, and Kristin had previously done a session with her on a light blue wall, but wanted to do an extra session with all different colors of painted walls. She loved my painted wall project from a couple summers ago, and so we set out with a new map and a timeline and made it happen!

We were able to find the 6 main color wheel colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple. We did have a few challenges in that it ended up being a bit chilly that evening, and the sun wasn’t always quite where we’d prefer for it to be. We love how the images turned out though, and we especially liked seeing the juxtaposition of my digital versions versus Kristin’s film versions.